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What we do?

Students & Graduates

The Gradintelligence platform puts individuals in control of their own education data and enables them to use it to showcase their verified achievements, support their personal development and connect with matched opportunities for further study and employment to achieve their goals.

Employers & Recruiters

Graduate recruiters, media buyers and university postgraduate marketing teams also use the platform to connect with graduate talent to identify high-quality candidate pipelines for their opportunities.

Education Partners

HE institutions partner with Gradintelligence to enhance services for students, graduates and alumni that build on individuals' verified academic and non-academic achievements, skills and competencies.

Credential Receivers

We support a rapidly growing network of credential receivers globally; including over a 1,000 universities, colleges and institutes and over 10,000 employers, embassies, credential check agencies who use Gradintelligence to verify the credentials shared with them.

Latest news

"Our graduate Choices campaign has helped us reach highly qualified candidates, directly resulting in increased applications and recruitment."

Carolyn Hayes, Lancaster University

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