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Welcome to Gradintelligence

Students & Graduates

Gradintelligence puts individuals in control of their education data and enables them to showcase their verified achievements, support their personal development and connect with matched opportunities for further study and employment.

Education Providers

Gradintelligence is a trusted provider of digital credential software and employability solutions within the Higher Education sector.

About Gradintelligence

Enhancing the transition from academic study to professional employment or continued education, Gradintelligence empowers students, higher education institutions, and businesses through the utilization of verified digital credentials to enhance employability and outcomes. Established in 2007, Gradintelligence has emerged as a distinguished market leader, currently serving over 178 thousand users and achieving an annual growth rate exceeding 25%.

Our advanced technology seamlessly integrates with any student management system, enabling universities to actively engage with their students. This facilitates the delivery of comprehensive verified digital credentials, personalized development pathways leading to employment, and precise opportunity matching for both employment and further educational pursuits.

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PG recruiters

Gradintelligence streamlines postgraduate recruitment by partnering with universities to target and attract applicants. We match your programs with ideal candidates from our pool of over 2 million UK students and graduates. With a proven track record supporting over 40 UK universities, over 90% of our customers return for our services.

Employee recruiters

Gradintelligence helps employers find the right talent using the UK's largest database of verified student credentials. With access to over two million students and graduates, employers can quickly connect with suitable candidates for job openings or graduate programs. We reach out to matched individuals through tailored emails, SMS, and messages, guiding them to apply on the employer's website or our platform.

Media and marketing agencies

Gradintelligence simplifies talent pipeline development for postgraduate courses, recruitment events, and campaigns. We enhance your client offerings and give you a competitive edge. Our team handles the heavy lifting, letting you focus on other tasks. With our unique data and matching methods, we achieve high conversion rates and top-quality applicants using university-verified data.